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  • Autumn ss
  • Open for Business Ss

    open for

    With recent reports of the fire
    at Rocky Point Sugar Mill we'd
    like to assure our customers
    that we are open for business.

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  • Farmer Of The Year Winner 2016 Ss

    of the year

    The Keith Family
    are proud 2016 winners of
    this prestigious award

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  • Garden like a Pro

    like a pro

    With the Rocky Point Mulching
    Potting Mix range

    Coco Pro
    Premium Potting Mix
    Eco Potting Mix
    Orchid Mix
    Seed & Cutting Mix

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  • sugar cane mulch

    we've got
    you covered

    Find a Sugar Cane Mulch bale
    to suit your next project

    4-5 sqm Small Bale
    6 sqm Medium Bale
    7 sqm Standard Bale
    9 sqm JUMBO Bale

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  • Creative Colours Mulch Samples Ss


    Give your garden the WOW factor
    with Creative Colours Mulch

    Environmentally Friendly
    Long Lasting Colour
    Suppresses Weed Growth
    Retains Moisture

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  • The best start

    the best

    Prepare your next garden with
    premium growing media

    Active 8
    Premium Garden Soil
    Premium Cow Manure

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  • Gardening Bliss Ss


    Maintaining a healthy garden
    is easy with Rocky Point Mulching
    Premium Garden Products

    Potting Mix
    Growing Media

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Charge your green thumbs

with Rocky Point Mulching premium garden products

Maintaining a healthy, lush green garden and lawn shouldn't be hard work. Let Rocky Point Mulching be your gardening partner
so you achieve stunning results with ease. We've developed a complete range of quality garden supplies for all home garden projects
including organic gardening, potting plantsfruit and vegetable growing, surpressing weeds & more!

Take a look at our range of premium garden products and

Enjoy gardening!

  • Sugar Cane Mulch
    Lucerne Mulch
    Pea Straw Mulch
    Tea Tree Mulch
    Pine Bark Mulch
    Cypress Mulch
    Coloured Mulches

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  • Coco Pro
    Premium Potting Mix
    Eco Potting Mix
    Seed & Cutting Mix
    Orchid Mix

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  • Active 8
    Premium Garden Soil
    Premium Cow Manure
    Lawn Star
    Native Mix

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  • Blood & Bone
    Lime Impact
    Organic Life
    Poultry Manure
    Natural Natives
    Blooming Roses
    Seaweed Concentrate

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  • Super Clean Sand
    Coarse Sand

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  • First Class Woodshavings
    All Span Woodshavings

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