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    Available in Pellets for
    a more controlled release

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Terra Firma Poultry Manure

Our fully composted, premium poultry manure base is the foundation of our entire range.  Composted fully undercover this biologically activated organic base, rich in readily available nutrients, supplies a wide variety of minerals and organic microbe foods to your plants. Available in Pellets, this product is a BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input.


Benefits of Terra Firma Poultry Manure:

  • NPK 4.3:1.9:2.2
  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input & Australian Organic Registered Garden Product
  • Pellets allow for more controlled release and won’t wash away
  • Easy to use

Application Rates:

Home Garden: 150g – 300g per square metre in the vegetable garden and around established shrubs. Suitable for use on natives at lower rates.

Terra Firma Poultry Manure Fact Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

Information for Retailers:

  • Poultry Manure 15 kg

    Product Bag Weight Bags per Pallet
    (CHEP Pallets)
    Ordering Code Barcode
    Poultry Manure 15 kg 66 Bags FZTFPM15 9 312255 102677

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