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Buy spray on mulch direct from the manufacturer

Hydromulch Raw ProductRocky Point Mulching remain committed to working with you to ensure your business receives the best value for money Hydromulch product available. We are not a ‘middleman’ or reseller of Sugar Cane Mulch for hydro mulching purposes. We grow, cut, store, process, mix and package the Sugar Cane Mulch to give you the best price and monitoring of quality.

AVAILABLE IN:  25% Paper Pulp/ 75% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch (16mm chop) Mix OR 100% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch (16mm chop)

Benefits of Rocky Point Mulching Hydromulch:

  • Free of weed seed
  • Produced from the finest 100% NASAA Certified Organic Farm Input Sugar Cane
  • Packaged in the highest quality, easy to handle, quick-loading, UV-stabilised compression bales
  • Mixes Easily in all tanks ready for spraying
  • Hydromulch aids in erosion control, and holds seeds in place and aids germination in Hydromulching
  • 100% environmentally friendly, totally biodegradable and non-toxic

Information Hydro Mulchers:

  • 25% Paper Pulp / 75% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch Mix

    Hydromulch - 25% Paper Pulp / 75% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch Mix

    Product Approximate Coverage Bag Weight Bags per Pallet
    (Plain Pallets)
    25% Paper Pulp / 75% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch Mix The approx. coverage rate is 2500-3000 kg per ha. On steep slopes coverage rate will exceed 3000 kg per ha. 16.5 kg 48 bags
  • 100% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch

    Hydromulch - 100% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch

    Product Approximate Coverage Bag Weight Bags per Pallet
    (Plain Pallets)
    100% Fine Cut Sugar Cane Mulch   13-14 kg 48 bags

Please Note: Freight can be organised by RPM for anywhere in Australia. All products will come on plain pallets (at no extra charge) unless otherwise arranged.

What is Hydromulch?

Hydromulch guy sprayingHydromulch also known as Hydro-seeding or spray on grass. This is an onestep method incorporating the spreading of seed, fertiliser, cellulose fibre, green dye & envirotack in one efficient application. All the materials are mixed in the hydro-mulching tank and then are sprayed as slurry over areas to be revegetated. This is a highly effective way of establishing grass to new lawn subdivisions, banks, batters & service trenches.

Hydro-mulching of surfaces such as open drains, banks, batters, trenches, subdivisions & new lawns is a very efficient and cost effective solution to stop sediment run off while the grass gets established.

When Hydro-mulching, why use Rocky Point Mulching?

One of many products available from Rocky Point Mulching is the compressed bags of finely chopped Sugar Cane Mulch mixed with recycled paper pulp. This product is 100% environmentally beneficial. Additionally, with the two ingredients combined and compressed into the one bag, the product is easy to handle, apply and transport. Overall, it will save your operation in time, labour, storage area and administration costs.

After several discussions with experts in the hydro-mulching/grass seeding industry Rocky Point Mulching altered their grinding process to produce a finer (16mm) chop* of Sugar Cane leaf. The finer chop Sugar Cane leaf works well through nearly all pumps. Within the bags of finely chopped Sugar Cane Mulch there is only a very small amount of fines (less than 5%). Overall it is a very even product. Within the hydro-mulching mix, 100% of the product is used because of its even characteristics. *(45mm chop is the normal grinding size)

Hydromulch guy spraying2When recycled paper pulp (25%) is combined with finely cut Sugar Cane leaf (75%) in one convenient bag and mixed with the other required ingredients, (fertiliser, grass seed, natural binder) it forms a bonded fibre matrix mat. The durable fibre mat secures all the ingredients on virtually all soil types and varying grades, minimising erosion and remaining in place until vegetation is established.

Additionally, companies using Rocky Point Mulching’s Sugar Cane/recycled paper pulp mix have commented that it is not only easier to use but also binds together very well. The problem solved... ‘knuckles’ in the Sugar Cane stalk get ground up leaving an adequate sized material to pass through hydro-mulching machinery, yet still hold together well when sprayed onto various grades.

Our Sugar Cane Mulch is NASSA certified organic farm input, and we also supply a Weed Hygiene Declaration in accordance with the Department of Natural Mines and Resources. The product is totally biodegradable and non-toxic. It is safe for wildlife, as it leaves no harmful chemical residues. Over time it breaks down to enrich the soil with organic matter.

Hydromulch palletBags of Sugar Cane/recycled paper pulp mix weigh approximately 16.5 kg and we stock them on disposable pallets so when they are delivered on site there is no need for immediate exchange.

Rocky Point Mulching Certified Organic Sugar Cane/recycled paper pulp mix is better value than any imported product that various hydro-mulching companies may be using. Buying from Rocky Point Mulching supports an Australian family owned and operated business.



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