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Green Fingers

green fingers logoThe Rocky Point Mulching family has grown throughout the years, the children of Rocky Point Mulching’s founders and directors purchased Green Fingers Potting Mix in 2011 (originally established in 1981) and moved it on to the same site as Rocky Point Mulching.

Green Fingers are a national award winning business for its innovation and work practices. In 2014, they became a Hall of Fame recipient from the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia and have amassed an impressive history of supply and assistance to growers along eastern Australia.

Through the Rocky Point Mulching/Green Fingers partnership, we are now able to run a full-service potting mix and landscape material supply business from bulk to bagged products, ensuring that growers and the general public around Eastern Australia receive the best quality around.  

To learn more about Green Fingers, please visit

Rocky Point Recycling

rocky point reycling logoIn January 2016, Rocky Point Recycling was created to continue our forge forward with sustainable business.

Rocky Point Recycling is a full service business which collects and takes in urban timber waste, such as obsolete pallets, or scraps from the timber milling industry to divert them from landfill.

Once on site, they create beauty by grinding this obsolete ‘waste’ and colouring it into a beautiful range of mulches. This mulch can then be purchased in bags, from Rocky Point Mulching, or in bulk by landscape yards, architects and Government bodies (local councils etc.).

To learn more about Rocky Point Recycling, please visit